Switch On & Interact

Introducing Ricoh’s revolutionary new product for the business, engineering, manufacturing and educational world: the interactive whiteboard. It offers high-quality, smooth handwriting, a high-resolution display and enables easy remote image sharing. This remarkable innovation will increase the productivity and cost-efficiency of your business meetings, teleconferences, collaborative presentations and classroom training sessions.

Very Easy to Use

The user interface is quick to learn and use. With touch-screen convenience you can write, draw, edit, erase, move, resize and save. Using your fingers you can highlight a key area on screen, flip through the pages and zoom in and out.

Skip Complicated Setups

Connect a PC and start your meeting in about a minute or less using smart icons. Or, configure the device remotely on a web page. You can connect up to 8 Ricoh whiteboards and 20 browser viewers who are using tablets, PCs, mobile devices, Ricoh's Unified Communication System or other video conferencing systems.

Safe and Secure

Concerned about accidentally sharing confidential information you’ve displayed on the whiteboard? There’s no need to be. When closing a meeting, you can choose whether to save the data temporarily or permanently (via a USB key or network folder), or delete it permanently.

Media Gallery

Multiple Applications

• Design drawings: share in high quality, revise immediately, get instant
approval, save and distribute.
• Printing proofs: reduce print costs by sharing and describing correction
points directly.
• Board meetings: write up, approve, share and distribute minutes, memos
and reports before the meeting ends.
• Higher education: work as a study group, save all inputs, share via email
or network folder, collaborate remotely.