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Find out why the multi-award winning UP 3D Printers are Australia’s most trusted and best-selling range of 3D Printers in schools, universities and professionals since 2011.


12 month warranty return to base warranty is included with every model.  However, there is no need to send the printer to another state as Delta is your local service agent.


Includes UP Software for fast and simple 3D printing.  The software automatically calculates printing time, material required and adds the support structure.  Allows the user to change layer thickness and honeycomb fill.  Supports STL file format.


All UP 3D printers come with everything you need in the box to start making your ideas within 15 minutes.  Including three perfboard, usb cable, one free 1.75mm ABS filament and a wide selection of tools to maintain and service the printer.

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ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is the primary material for 3D printing. ABS is tough and durable as it is the same material used to make Lego blocks. Also available in a wide range of colours.

PLA or Polylactic Acid is a biodegradable option derived from corn. While being better for the environment is not recommended for all prints as the material will begin to break down after a few months and may become brittle.

Other filament options include:
Nylon which is durable and resistant to chemicals.
Flexible which is elastic based and ideal for tyres, tracks, hinges or pulleys.
Twisted, Chameleon, Copper, Aluminium, Crystal, Wood and Glow.