After a successful transition of our Townsville employees to work-life balanced hours in 2017, we will be starting a trial for our Mount Isa employees.

Through careful review of our service activity we have found that Friday afternoons are typically very quiet. Through discussions with our staff we have agreed on a working hours re-shuffle which means Delta will now close at 3pm on Friday each week.

Phone calls after this time will be directed to a voicemail with an emergency phone number available. Any service calls logged after 3pm will be prioritised for Monday morning in keeping with our 4 hour response KPI.

As a family owned and operated business, Delta appreciates your understanding as we attempt to promote a healthy work-life balance for our staff.

If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call on 07 4749 1988.

Work-Life Balance Secrets from CEOs

Today’s technological environment is always on, making it difficult for us to ever truly be away from our jobs. Whether by smartphone or computer, you’re only a tap or a click away from work. In a recent LinkedIn article, coach and author Steve Tappin shared some work-life balance insights from interviews with top CEOs. We’ve collected a few of the best tips here to help you maintain a healthy balance.

1. Balance is Your Responsibility – “It is totally possible to have a balance and in fact it’s essential…It’s totally easy to become stale when you don’t have time to sit with family and friends. Treadmills do not make for good leaders and managers; stressed people do not get the best results…” – Sir John Parker, Chairman Anglo American PLC

2. Protect Your Time – “Twenty years ago, I set two very simple rules for myself: I do not take or make calls in the evening and I take my vacation. These rules clear time to think and be with my family, and they are all I need. I advise everyone to come up with rules that work for them and apply them carefully.” – Cris Conde, former CEO Sungard Computer Services

3. Take Your Leave – “The most important thing is my family and friends: I take every holiday I’m entitled to.” – Richard Baker, former CEO Boots

4. Recharge Regularly – “You need to recharge your spirituality and you cannot do that easily in an urban environment or working situation… Fishing is meditation for me.” – Brad Mills, CEO Mandalay Resources

5. Really Disconnect – “I don’t lie in bed worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow. My business is on my mind all day, but the next business day does not arrive until 5 a.m., the next day.” – Terry Duddy, former CEO Home Retail Group

6. Build a Support Network – “If you work hard and have the right people around you, you can make it work.” – Paul Walker, CEO Sage

7. Get Some Perspective – “When you are faced with big and difficult life experiences, you must take a deep breath and realize that business experiences are seldom the end of the world.” – Mitch Garber, CEO Caesars Acquisition Company

With some effort, you can create the balance you want and truly thrive at work and at home. Check out more insights from Tappin and Andrew Cave’s book, The Secrets of CEOs.