Backing up to the cloud has always been an interesting subject, clients not sure that they want their data stored in some remote server, the added cost of data transfer over slow internet connections, high ongoing cost.

Then there are the benefits, with faster internet connections (NBN) high speed and fast backups, no need to remember to take the backup off site or to change the backup device, and not the real kicker, security from the latest crypto locker/ransomware variants, the cost is now much more attractive too.

Yes, by backing up to a remote service you could well be protecting yourselves against a ransomware attack.

The latest variant of crypto locker not only encrypts your data but turns of any local images and wipes attached backup devices and any network storage or other devices it can gain access to.

So if you have looked at backing up to the cloud before maybe it’s time to look again, if you haven’t maybe you should be looking now.

Cloud Backup should be part of your Business Disaster Recovery Plan.

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David Halberg

Delta Office Solutions