A new malware attack is bundling ransomware that Malwarebytes calls “beautiful and dangerous” with sophisticated social engineering that lures victims in by masquerading as a bank notice replete with home addresses and account details. According to ZDNet, “The well-worded email appears to come from a legitimate email address and domain name, and raises very few irregularities. The email comes with an demand for money for an arbitrary service, along with a link that purports to be an ‘overdue invoice.'” Once you’ve clicked the link and opened what looks like a Word document, you’ll quickly be looking at a full-on ransomware attack. Unlike other, more typical attacks, however, the “longer you wait, the larger the ransom you have to pay.” The bank is a UK-based company called Ludlow and says it is “as much [the] victim as those who got the emails.”

Taken from Spiceworks Originals SNAP! Forum